Thursday, April 23

Seoul Day 2 Part 1

Second Day of Seoul!
Full of excitement and ready to explore the city.
We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace for sight seeing

Went into a Museum beside the palace

Had awesome lunch inside of the Museum restaurant

Bulgogi with rice



Manage to try out traditional outfit 

Went to Namdaemun for more eatery and more shopping
Namdaemun is basically a market not a place for youngster to go shopping
Lots of variety of food they offer!

The best one I had at Namdaemun.
It basically a pancake stuff with vermicelli. This one is savory. 

This one is sweet. Pancake stuff with red bean past & sugar.

Lots food~
 food everywhere!

We head back to our hotel in the afternoon.
Grandma was really tired so do we. 
So we rest and get ready for the night out session (Next coming post)

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