Saturday, May 9


This time I YOLO-ed for real. 
So real that I nearly die. Not really.
I have a meeting with my client at Bukit Kokol.
All local knows that Bukit Kokol has the perches hill. 
Its like non stop drifting through the perch hill.
I mean I was driving auto car. ITS AUTO CAR.
Both manual and auto car has pros & cons 
I even went for INANAM route. It was the worst route I've been through.
I just wanna Thank God I'm still alive and wrote this blog. hahahaha
The hills were small, filled with holes and 
the height throughout the journey probably 50 to 70 degree
It was so high that my car nearly doesn't have the strength to go up that high.
But Thank God again I'm alive and managed to drive up to Bukit Kokol.

We took picture to commemorate the success of arriving to Bukit Kokol.
I swear we tremble hard when we walk out from the car.
It was a sigh of relieved but not entirely. Cause we have to go back.
This time we went back through Menggatal route. 
The road were smooth, no holes but we drifted hard.
I went for gear 2 the entire way back through Menggatal route.
It was all just way down to the hill, I think I even felt the pain from the car I'm driving.
It was a total sigh of relieved when we arrived to Menggatal Town.
My friend was like in puking mode. 

So I told my parents that I'm going to drive to Bukit Kokol next week.
Parents were against it. They were worried that I might get into accident.
So I didn't told them about today's event. hahaha
I probably get killed if I told them or could barred me from going to the event.

Things just get started. My life suddenly filled with different prospect & perspective.
It makes me more matured and think about my future. 
Life is full of challenges. More challenges ahead of me.
Live your life to the fullest.
Gonna strive for the best and work hard for my future!

Cheers & God Bless!

 p/s: I'm gonna plan a trip alone to Jeju Island probably in 2017. Anyone? ;) haha

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