Thursday, September 4

20 Facts About Me!

1. I'm allergic to artificial alcohol & bad in alcohol resistant. Previously I wasn't allergic but somehow my body couldn't accept it. Get rashes on my hand or swollen tongue.

2. Not a fan of sweet dessert, not only I get toothache but the after taste of sweet food is just unbearable.

3. Big bone structure hence the heavy weight even tho I don't look like having 100kg as my weight.

4. Wanted to get a tattoo but chickened out. Might as well think about it again. haha

5. Going for my passion & live my life to the fullest is my motto. 

6. My passion is photography. GO CHECK OUT MY FB PAGE!

7. I'm scary cat, hate being alone & no to scary movie/ anything that scared me.

8. Not scared of insect only scared when it appeared suddenly, I even accidentally crushed cockroach with my bare foot.

9. I love to travel so much that this year I've traveled to Penang, Langkawi, Kuching, KL & Seoul not to mention I'm travelling to Busan this coming November & HK next year March! FTW TRAVEL!

10. Singing when I'm sick sound the best.

11. Huge fan of reading amazing manga! I think I don't even reach half being Otaku. Being 100% Otaku means remembering all the names of the manga, their character & collect lots of manga books or their limited edition merchandise. I'm nowhere being an Otaku. hahaha

12. Love watching reality show KUWTK. BEST!

13. I tend to walk really fast when I'm alone running errands or shopping cause I always thought that being alone would be dangerous like in drama. lol but true.

14. I don't club.

15. Super dislike smokers & smokes. Just eat the fucking cigarettes don't pollute the air.

16. I have a great 'luck' on my earlobe hence no ear hole. Old chinese people says chubby earlobe means lots of fortune so when we pierce a hole all fortune would run out. 

17. I want a boyfriend like in manga -.- but I don't plan to get marry and have babies. Maybe when I get older I would change my perspective. Who knows.

18. I'm bad at socializing & hate talking

19. But I listen a lot

20. Then forgetting all of it.

Hope you guys enjoy this post.
 Little bits of me personally. 
But I have a lot more about me but this is my top 20.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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