Monday, September 8

Hari Raya 2014

Over due blog post! 
Had an awesome day with my ex colleague!
I don't treat them as colleague but as friend! 
Picture time!

When you talked about Hari Raya its so similar to Chinese New Year. 
There are difference between Hari Raya & Chinese New Year btw

For Hari Raya
1.For Muslim people they really open house 24/7 and cook 24/7 non stop
2.People come and go every hour and no time limit whether you want to stay longer or not
3.You just eat non stop and talking every single time either you know or don't know them.
4. Super friendly and scared we don't eat enough lol

For Chinese New Year
1.Always bring lotsa kids to people's house so they can get angpau (red packets) but nowdays they don't give angpau to people they don't know. Typical Chinese.
2. We went there for food & go back when we're full not to mention they never refill any food so long as its finished. So everything ends after the food is finished.
3.Those who likes to gamble they can stay or go to any of their friends house 24/7
4. 'Rich & Poor' families always has a complicated stories to tell and we NEVER talk to people we don't know unless people introduced.

Typical Chinese.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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