Wednesday, August 7


Well well well. Its really unexpected that its already the 2nd week of August! And the next day is Hari Raya as well. Yay for August cause a lot of holiday and my birthday month as well! I finally can rest and went out with my friends. 

A little bit recap of what I've been doing since I didn't uploaded nor updated any post here. I have no event to attend lately and quite busy with my work since we have new working structure. I get stress when I have nothing to do and now when all the work started to get loaded I get stress. LOL Anyway its just that I don't have nor anything to share about except ranting in twitter. 

Last week, I went out to celebrate Diana's 22th birthday randomly and casually. If you don't know who Diana was, you might wanna check out the previous post I blog about her HERE! It was just last year we celebrated her birthday and now its her turn again. How time flies!

Oh don't get shocked by the picture above. Its just accident. Wait! What??? Accident??? hahaha It wasn't mine. It was one of our bff's (carrie, short hair in pic above) bf car. Accident occurred when her bf went home. Basically the thief was trying to rob her bf and purposely bang the car twice which caused a sudden accident. The car was a total lost but luckily her bf is totally OK btw its a Lexus (OMG!). No injuries at all but yeah still think that its a miracle and blessing that her bf is ok and alive. Thank God!

Now to think of it, KK wasn't that peaceful as before! Previously we can walk alone no matter where we go but now they even have guns to shot people like the incident in KL. It wasn't safe to stay here anymore seriously. I need to get out of this place! hahahaha

Anyway, Wish all the Muslim and Everyone Selamat Hari Raya!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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