Wednesday, August 21

Officially Legal

Before I totally forget CONGRATULATE ME!! Officially Legal!! 21 years old!! Urghh I sound so old already! Anyway, it was really an unforgettable 21th birthday ever! The day before my birthday these bunch of Aunties from dance group wanted to have a potluck gathering. 

So mom take this opportunities to make a surprise for me as well. I was actually in a bad mood cause I totally wear the most ugliest shirt which can see all my tummy fats :X and I thought that time we could go for swimming but it was raining and my hair was totally tied up and wore my spec (I still wear spec everywhr I go but that specific day I was f'king ugly LOL), basically in an ugly mode. lol The most ugliest birthday surprise ever. LOL

The most stupidest scene was I sang along the Birthday song when one of the Aunty bring out the cake until they call my name, then I realized it was for me. LOLLLLL Yeah I was so touched and crying and embarrassed as well. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

The next day on my birthday I wear pretty pretty lohhhh. HAHA Having afternoon lunch with my Love! Even though its only a casual met up as usual but I'm so happy and blessed! ☺♥ Oh at night I went for a casual dinner with Family! Nothing big but a simple dinner is satisfied! ♥

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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