Sunday, July 22

Peaceful Sunday

Its another Happy Sunday. Where everyone enjoys their good sleep with bed, wake up early in the morning prepare for church service, having a hearty breakfast to keep yourself energy all day long.

As for me, of course I'll be enjoying my good morning with games in Facebook and updates in Twitter. What a life I have. Saturday and Sunday is the best time for me to update myself at Facebook and Twitter. One must not be out of date. Okay enough with the long story. 

Basically mom asked me to do clean up last week and packed it up nicely to donate it to the recycle. Too bad that it wasn't today they had this recycle day. So we're bringing it back home after brunch.

Speaking of brunch we went to Tuaran for Tuaran Mee Kedai Kopi Lok Kyun

For the original taste of Tuaran Mee here is the best of the best. Its non-halal. They serve pork tho. Even ze most famous Ah Xian (not really famous for youngster) visited this Kedai Kopi for their television review. Isn't it amazing. Even celebrities doesn't visit them their place is always crowd with people and for local its the best. (ps: All is in my point of view)

For those local that didn't even try that, go and try it, you won't know what it taste unless you've try it. Not to mention their portion is a lot too. Every time I had it I barely finish it but I still ended up eating all of it just not to waste it. (ps: Children and even adults please don't waste food)

On the way back home one thing that you must not missed is the most amazing desserts. Coconut Pudding for a hot weather. Its cold and refreshing which cool down the heat in your body. Omnomnomnom

While dad is driving, mom is sitting like this to avoid sunlight heating her leg. The good way to avoid sunlight from darkening your leg. But I think tanned leg makes you look skinny Mom. hahaha
 As for me I've always sat on the left side sits no matter what. So while I was enjoying the outside view I was  amazed by the shape of the clouds. Such a beautiful day and I feel blessed.

Cheers everyone and God Bless 

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