Sunday, July 22

Small Introduction

Ohla people :) This is my brand new blog post. Somehow a lot of people inspired me to create something new. From fashion blogger Cheesie (from Malaysia), Chriselle (from LA), Make up artist youtube sensation and blogger as well Michelle Phan (from LA) to production crew such as Wong Fu Production (from California). There were a lot of people who inspired me as well.

How can you not loved their passion towards their work and amazing outcomes they have achieved. Quotes below by Steve Jobs was the most inspired of all. This is why I want to find something or I call it passion that I like. I want to achieve something enormous which people wouldn't even think of it. I have a dream everyone have a dream. A big dream.

I've been blogging for like 3 to 4 years since high school and I totally stopped blogging since this year March. But now I'm back with brand new stuff. This blog will consist of my life, food, fashion, music and many more which I like the most or being sponsored as well. 

This blog will be share in Social Media East Malaysia every time my blog is updated after being approved to post in their page so anyone of you can catch up with my blog and other blogger as well. But of course I will definitely post it in facebook as well as in twitter. All post and others will be share public except for twitter (ps: I need some privacy too, I will follow those I know only)

For business inquiries please email me at

Thanks and Cheers

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