Tuesday, July 24

I'm thinking of buying it :D

Since I've completed and got my license for like 2 months ago. My parents were searching for new cars. We've attended a lot of road show from local brand such as Proton to foreign brand. Comparing prices as well as their function. 

We're looking for something that is affordable since we cannot afford to buy luxurious car. But somehow I was attracted by the latest promotion from Volkswagen Malaysia(click this)

They are having Hari Raya Promotion just like a buffet dinner! LOL. Because of this celebration Hari Raya they are giving you all something that you can enjoy from free insurance and road tax for the Golf 1.4L TSI® and Passat 1.8L TSI®* or you could enjoy 3 free interval and an incredible instalment rate for only RM980** a month for the new Polo Sedan 1.6L MPI. 

For more info you can go to their fan page HERE!! If you have a lots of question to ask about this promotion you can go to any branch that is available.

Have a nice day Cheers! :)

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