Thursday, June 15

060517 Saturday Dim Sum Lunch

Another day, another high tea session. This time Nicole learned to make dimsum. It was an awesome outcome for this lunch meal. Nurool decorated nicely with different style this time. The theme should be Chinese but ended up with Japanese plus modern classic. 

After we took tons of picture of the decoration we gathered all the food on the table and start feasting. Such amazing and scrumptious meal to start with. The amount of food was above average because it was all home cooked and self made. Nicole really did an amazing job in cooking.

As soon as we started our meal some of Nurool's husband friends came to join our lunch session as well as their neighbor. We have tons of food so luckily they manage to clear all the food. Otherwise we have lots of leftovers to dealt with. 

After our awesome meal we had a small meeting for our next party and short rest. Cause at night we were working, so relaxing while we can. It was really nice and chill day, lots of conversation, laughter and amazing food to end the day. I practically gained weight for eating non-stop ever since I come back from my Perth trip. Having a nice day was all worth it. Need to get back on track with fitness a.s.a.p.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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