Thursday, March 30

The end of Summer 2017

Finally it is the end of summer 2017! It's been getting chilly lately at night and morning. Spontaneous lunch became a fancy lunch. I suggested a last minute lunch gathering at Nurool's house. Ended up being such fancy lunch. Simple decoration became such a nice one.  

I cooked spaghetti and helped out with making salad. Nurool did all the decoration and Nicole prepared dessert! The boys just came to join us for lunch. They did nothing but to help us take lotsa pretty picture. 😁😁😁  

We basically have fun preparing, eating, decorating, photo taking session, singing, ukulele and laughing to our heart content. So much fun with them! More adventure and fun ahead with bunch of them 💗

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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