Thursday, March 23

Heart Broken

Seriously what am I doing!? Getting heart broken for nothing. We haven't start anything. Cause I haven't saw him for such long time and not even meeting in real person after for so long, just purely message. That's it. But I got myself into heart broken mode. Because I put hope into this message conversation, I put heart into replying you, I put my concerned into your reply, I encouraged you with all I can. But heart broken was all I've gotten. I put hope and expectation that doesn't even belong to me. All these notification from you got me hype up for nothing. I try to play cool and chill but I bet he don't even think twice. I just want to cry out loud for being an idiot falling for words at text messages that doesn't have real life emotional to it. 

I always got myself into all these, never gonna be mine relationship. I've told my friends about it frequently too. Sometimes they slapped me real hard. Telling me just to flirt and chat whatever I want but to never put heart into it. Of all the things, I always put heart into it. In return I got heart broken for being an idiot. I love too freely, I put heart too easily, I fall too fast. Even the smallest thing got me head over the heels. I'm glad I listened to my friend to continue to text him even though we stop for awhile. Thanks for letting me know that you never have the intention in the first place. Totally over it with text messages. I'm over it. 

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