Monday, March 28

My mom was right.

As you guys know I've been MIA for awhile now. I am currently jobless at the moment. Jobless for 2 months now. I was contemplating & being indecisive at the moment actually. So in the end I started to apply for enrollment to go further studies in Perth. I was looking into few university and stuff and decided on Childcare. 

Received letter of Offer, at that time I was preparing for IELTS but I don't feel ready for it. Cause I'm being indecisive as usual. I was lucky enough to received placement test so that IELTS could be waive. Unfortunately I screwed up the test and I failed, it was such easy test -.- . I'm so sad. I was given another offer to study English course at Perth and directly link to Durack after completing the course. I was every happy to received so many offer and opportunity. Then again it involved such large amount of money, I have to decline and decided to go for IELTS with all the turpsy daisy round around almost a month.

My mom was right when she told me that I wasn't even making effort to go for what I really want. I did make few effort but way much slower than I'd imagine. I was taking my time actually. I always had a mind that thinks I'm able to this able to that and everything in speed of light. In real life I'm wasting my time and becoming a sloth is my forte. 

I just need to get my ass out of this house and make more effort that's all. I become much more indecisive when I have so many choices & opportunity given to me. Cause even when I couldn't get into Perth I still have another plan. Even my plan doesn't work out I still have another choices. See! I have so many choices I couldn't even think of choosing. I was practically waiting and go with the flow! I'm suck at choosing. I just hope I know what I really want and go for it. Like seriously.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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