Saturday, May 3

Siblings Shoot : Xender & Mimi

At first I thought shooting with kids was a lot more trouble.
Cause some kids were really stubborn and naughty 
so it kinda made me hesitate to take this offer.
Job is job! I accept it of course. 
It was really unexpected both Xender & Mimi 
are very cute and they listen to our direction amazingly. 
Let the picture do the talking!

I love how they have fun running back and forth the same place we asked them.
Since they were kids they were only allowed to play at the sand shore.
It was too dangerous for them to play in the sea.
I miss being a kids running around without any doubt and innocently. 
Reminiscing the good old days I have while working with them.
So much fun & laughter despite the hot weather.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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