Saturday, May 24


Sorry guise I've been MIA for so long! I've already missing my trip so badly. Time 'calm yo tits! you're moving too fast' With just 5 days 4 night trip just zap in a blink and I'm back to reality. Even when I'm back to reality it seems that time is running fast as well. I can't keep up the pace at all. Everything is moving so fast, I couldn't catch up right now.

Anyway its been an amazing trip to Penang & Langkawi. I love Langkawi so much! Even better than Penang! Penang is food heaven but not as fun as Langkawi. Langkawi has a lot of amazing activity such as water sport, cable car, & go-cart race. Due to time constraint we only went for sight viewing and more on shopping. Not to mention Langkawi's duty free zone. Its like everywhere & places we stop by has duty free shop. I'd go wild on dark chocolate & not to mention my favorite Martini champagne! I'm not a fan of sweet choco except for pure dark choco with no sugar. Langkawi doesn't have the one I've wanted so I tried out others, still except able but not overwhelming satisfying. 

This is my favorite shot in Langkawi. This is their trade mark statue. This can be seen when we arrived at the Jetty. I'm going to blog more on my trip! Its amazing. I did some recording too, hopefully I can edit picture, video & blog it A.S.A.P cause my schedule are quite packed till end of June! I love busy schedule making me more productive than ever! Loving 2014!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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