Tuesday, April 29

KK Food Fest 2014

Its been awhile since I've went to any public event. 
I think KK Food Fest is the first event I've went to this year.
Basically KK Food Fest is conducted every once a year.
Their location was at KK Times Square which was not far away from the city. 
Not to mention it was an outdoor activity in a freaking hot weather. 
Location wise it was really bad place, preferred in a mall.

This was the first stall I've stumble upon.
It was selling like hot cakes. It's a type of pancake stuff with pork meat.
Its really good and it taste like fried dumpling.

Every time I went for sushi, I either order sashimi or bento set but this was good.

There's even wine tasting!

Children coloring contest!

Sago worm / Tree worm

Ok the worst part was that they were having an eating worm contest in the evening.
Luckily I didn't witness the contest but just looking at it is really disgusting.

Sea worm

Jacklyn even brave herself petting a worm. LOL
There's a lot of food stall we didn't really get to try
cause were sweating like mad cow,
 it was double summer summer kinda day.
At least it was a fun day at the event.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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