Saturday, April 26

The start up

Hi guys!! Its been awhile since I made a proper post after a really long time. I'm getting busy and lazy as well in the same time. Just to let you guys know what is actually happening on. I try to keep everything just for my close friends and family about it but somehow people started to question about my where about. I've been doing great. 

Let me introduce my business partner with you! The mysterious girl with a mask lol. Not so mysterious actually. She's my ex-colleague but now were a business partner. We are starting off really simple and small business as photography services. Of course I'm the one with the camera, my partner just practically do everything, from make up, printing services & etc. 

It was practically a random day when Jacklyn just talk about having photography shop, and I'm like lets do it. I'm into photography. Its like my dream job since I was in high school. Starting up is not easy, when I have to do this secretly. It was really a torturing moment when I kept silences and twist all the words around my parents. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. But you know secret will eventually out. So it took me 2 months of courage to told my parents about this decision. 

I'm glad that my parents were ok with it because they think I'm just doing this for fun since I'm still young. Its because I'm still young I don't want to start up late. I want to at least tried and experience this before I regret. We never know if we never try. We're not complete with everything. There's a lot of lacking in every aspect we are doing right now, not to mention the expenses that is piling up (still manageable). 

I hope with the effort we made we would make a great success. So head over to our FB PAGE : DESTINY PHOTOGRAPHY we are having a really cheap low price package from now till end on July 2014. Don't missed out our package we offered. Its not going to last very long. I am so glad that we have few bookings in our hands. We will post all the work on this blog and our fb page for everyone to see. So give us a thumb up or book with us and my first post with Ms. Shima Individual shoot

Its going to be an exciting year this year!
 Besides photography I'm going to start up something new! 
So stay tune!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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