Wednesday, January 15

Wax Museum @ I-city

This is the last post for the trip to KL with Sharon! 
You can view all my previous post here.
From Churpout 2013 event to 1 day adventure in I-city
Of course not forgeting to mention about all the fast food adventure I had for 4 days trip

Since per entry cost us Rm100 we decided not to buy the ticket.
It was really lucky day for us to get free ticket for the Red Carpet wax museum.
We we're wandering around after the snow walk session. 
Some random people offered us a free ticket for wax museum since they got it for free.
We were very happy to accept the ticket.

It was really okay for me. I don't even bother to take picture with all the wax.
It was really scary actually. Even though it is not as real or alike as in foreign ones but I still hate it lol
It really feels like the wax was watching you walking and taking picture. 
It just creeps me out. Luckily that time there's people as well so I am not really that scared lah but still.
Do visit as well even though its made in Malaysia. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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