Monday, December 18

080917 Sunset Beach

Most of my stay in Geraldton photo was taken by him. While back in Malaysia my job was to help people take tons of photo, but while I was here he took a lot more photo of me. I felt like we swap places. When I was working with my photography company I always wish someone could help me take photo of me too, always wondering who would take photo of me? Now I'm glad there's a person who loves photography as much as I do. 

We always had a random decision to go take photos based on the weather actually. When the weather was real good we would go for a walk, he brought camera and I would randomly pose for the photo. I was the random girl strolling around the beach, while some random guy spotted me and decided to took tons of photo of me. 😏😏

He was kinda worried for me caused I have tons of time with him instead of working. He knows I need to earn money to pay for school fee. Told him that I was roster on the specific date and limited working hours. At least he understands.

After sunset we decided to went back home and start some cooking session. We were kinda hungry. He cooked the steak and I prepared the vegetables. Took out my last white wine bottle I bought from the Quaff Food & Wine Expo 2017 for a drink. We enjoyed a simple but delicious meal for two. We then later transfer photo and let the alcohol cool down before he send me home. A real simple day to end our night. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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