Sunday, July 23

070517 Sunday Detox

After our Saturday Dim Sum Lunch I had my detox session with Nurool and Hyman.
It was always chill and relax time with them bunch.
We had lots of talk and relax time.
So we might as well do some short photo shoot session while we can.

I have just return from my holiday. 
So much to blog yet so little time.
Making my priority straight right now as I just started my new term.
It was kinda hectic for me right now. 
Need to keep my head straight up and focus on what I'm suppose to do.
Making use of the time I have right now. 
I've been procrastinating as long as I've been, not a good thing.
Anyway getting back on track slowly.
Will update blog post whenever I can since I have tons of overdue blog spot in my draft.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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