Sunday, February 12

Chap Goh Mei and Birthday dinner! 11.02.2017

I have never thought that I would ended up making a dishes for friends at the chinese restaurant I'm working. Somehow when I was talking to the chef I ended up saying I know how to make Hakka Kiu Nyuk. Which was actually gonna be my second time making it. The first attempt was a failed one as shouldn't add salt and put one less ingredient to begin with. 

I've got the ingredient on Wednesday which was the day I told them that I knew how to make this dishes. So I took few of the restaurant's ingredient and brought it back home. Ready some of the ingredient at Friday since that's the only day I can ready the ingredient over night. Went full blast on Saturday morning to prepare the dishes. Get spark by the freaking oil, crying from cutting the shallots, stand for 3 hours in the kitchen. Just to prepare this dish was a lot of effort to start with. 

So I was supposed to be working on Saturday night but my shift got cancel at the Indian restaurant. I was ready to head out but ended up returning to home and change to casual attire, as I was planning to go to beach for a walk. So when I arrived to the restaurant everyone asked me whether I could stay for dinner since it was Chap Goh Mei as well. I am reluctant to agree as I don't have transport back. 

So after consulting with my Aunt I decided to ask if anyone could send me back after dinner. The most exciting part was Janice, being supportive and funny at the same time. I couldn't get over how funny and awkward it was for me to ask him whether he could send me home or not. With the help from Janice, he said yes. Being awkward and happy little girl at the same time. I couldn't ask for more. And so I am able to stayed and gave a surprise to Nicole yesterday night. 

As so I was really early at the restaurant, I was helping out at the counter while I was waiting for dinner time. It didn't took long enough time actually. The others arrived soon enough to wait for surprise as well. The surprise was practically failed. First attempt, we thought Nicole was heading to the kitchen thinking the guys would come out from the kitchen to surprise her but she ended up going into the toilet. As soon as she went into the toilet the Birthday song came out! They quickly blew off the candle. HAHA All of us laugh our asses off, of being the first failed attempt to surprise her. 

The second attempt was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom so we could surprise her again. But the guys was slow in putting the candle and the birthday song came out really slow. I was practically trying to get the guys out A.S.A.P but Nicole looked at me curiously while I was holding the door open half way. So she directly entered the kitchen. I should have ask her to stay there and wait for awhile. I'm bad at this kind of stuff. She did cry and touched by the surprise in the end. But everything happened way too fast I couldn't react accordingly. 

So we had dinner together, enjoyed our night and lots of laughter. We took another picture together with the cake since we didn't do that when we surprised Nicole at that early moment. My face was practically in pain from smiling and laughing too much. I just couldn't contain myself for being so excited and happy at the same time. 

Throughout the dinner I was being observant with his action as well as the other guy. There's a lot of expression I couldn't see because I couldn't react nor being in conscious self at the moment. Everything happened way too fast but I definitely enjoy being with them even though I wasn't very social on the table. As dinner ended we all went separate ways. We had a good night, he send me home and I was happy. I'm a happy princess 😍

So glad to meet this bunch of people in my short period of stay here! Definitely gonna work hard and stay here forever! This is the only beginning. There's more adventure and fun ahead with them! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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