Friday, February 17

8th month in Geraldton

Where does all the time goes by???? I'm already in Geraldton for freaking 8 months guys!! 😱😱 I can't believe it. It feels like I've always been this place for so long it definitely felt like it was my home all along. I can't imagine the next 1 year and 4 months comes to end. 😭😭To tell you guys the truth I don't want to go back KK. I really love this place so much I'm working really hard to be able to stay here. I'll work hard to get the visa that I'm qualify to. Finger crossed! 

I have been having fun meeting new people! I went to ping pong session with Nicole and my aunt. It was my first time playing ping pong but I'm getting hang of it! But I'm so used to badminton, I'm treating it as one of it. Keep smashing the ball over the other side. We all couldn't stop laughing and having lotsa fun that night. I wish I live nearby town and have a car! I would be joining lots of clubs and activity with friends and able to hang out whenever we want to! How I wish. 

This year Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday which everyone were not particularly excited about. But for me I am very excited! As I'm working at the restaurant for such occasion. As soon as I entered the restaurant I felt the love is in the air! Nicole did an amazing job on the decoration! I love how simple and beautiful the decoration could lite up the atmosphere. Renee and me stick a love color paper on our clothes with our names on it to make it more lovely. It was quite embarrassing but we nailed it perfectly.  

I have started class for 3 weeks now. I haven't did much on my assessment yet. I've been busy working, I got so addicted with working I can't stop. It felt so important for me to work. So I can use the money I've earn purposefully. My main idea was to earn money and travel as much. But also at the same time earn for my visa. I know its a bit hard to say if I'm able to get it but see how it goes. Everything is in God's plan. I will work hard in studies, work and visa! Not to mention also having fun! Going to Perth city on Easter week April, 3 and a half months left till UK bound! SO EXCITED TO TRAVEL. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless!

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