Thursday, January 26

Blessing in every way

As you guys know I've been approaching the guy I have a good impression with. It took me quite a leap step of COURAGE to make the first approach. When I started coming Aussie I really like the laid back environment and lifestyle. Nothing much to get involved in and live the simplest lifestyle that I couldn't ask for more. But as time goes by I felt really dull day lately. I've been solely focusing on work and study. 

Not to mention the first trip I've been having the most fun was last year CHRISTMAS WEEK 2016. That's the only road trip and holiday I've been having so much fun. As soon as I got back from the trip I've been working hard with work. Trying to earn as much money I could for my next semester and UK trip. 

So that's why I've been really trying to approach this guy at my restaurant twice a week. I ask him out as in trying to get an excuses for me to make a time pass by quickly so I can took another bus to work at other place. And I've been avoiding telling them I have another job at other places. So looking and approaching him was pretty a bad idea for me to pass by time in the end. At first I do have the intention to date him if we progress well. But the longer I approached him the more I felt its impossible for us. Cause I wasn't looking for love. Sometimes I do but I was looking for fun and adventurous trip and closer friends to hangout with. I ended up giving the wrong intention. 

I will still look for him so we can hangout once in awhile. We hangout and have a short date on Monday by the way. He invite me to their weekly meet up at our boss house for dinner. He even initiate to pick me up It was all good at first. We had tons of conversation and laugh as well. But things turn a bit awkward. When all of his friend came. Had few conversation with all of them.

My boss particularly mention a bit of my family background in front of everyone. Cause one my his friends were trying to know more about me since some of them know my aunt and uncle here. So being said I was categorized as wealthy family. My boss emphasized that all people who came Aussie to study are all from rich family, not forget saying out loud that I have Merc when that was obviously not even mine to begin with, also my uncle's occupation. 

This drove him to the edge! With the conversation we all had on Monday it made him took a step back in approaching me even more! I was taken aback a bit with this problem. I mean even if we both have intention we can make it as friends first. Doesn't have to be in relationship however if we really love each other we can make things great and work hard together. I do work my ass off for the things I want in life too. It also does made me realized I'm so blessed in every way I have right now.

Everyone told me to find a rich and good guy. No matter how rich or good if we don't love each other and work hard together nothing will work. We haven't even made approach being best friend yet he already taken step back to stop approaching me. I'm a bit taken back. Its only been 3 weeks since I've taken the step to approach him. It was kinda really funny for me to start with. I'm a bit speechless. 

For all the things that happened in a short period of time really does change a person's perspective as time goes by. The more we understand and acknowledge their background we couldn't care less anymore. Everything was imprinted on their mindset all the way. How to change it? It depends on the person itself. If he is willing to do anything to move on and work hard it doesn't matter how long it takes to achieve it.

Moreover the more people I've approached and know, the more I know how different their life's compared to mine. I was blessed abundantly. From a loving, healthy and average family is the biggest blessing of all. We too go through lots of ups and down too but somewhere there's people we never knew are not as fortunate as us. 

Back home I was the most average girl among my circle of friends. I do love shopping and dress up pretty for myself. But not as extreme like my friends who put more effort into luxury brands. I'm blessed that my family can afford to pay my diploma back then while I was avoiding PLKN. Blessed to found work that gives the best offer in 3.5 years of working. Blessed to travel tons of place when I was saving up throughout my work life. Blessed that to have so many supportive family, family in Christ, friends and also all the people that goes through my life. Blessed with no financial difficulties. Blessed to be able to study and work at the same time now! I am so blessed with everything I have right now! Blessing that I couldn't ask for more but still have it save up for me. 

I really can't believe that all the blessing that I have right now. It was such a mysterious thing in life. God always be there for me and guide me with purpose. It feels like something incredible is gonna happen anytime as well. Count blessing not hatred! So even tho people around me are judging. I will still be me. Let them think about me using their own perspective but I will still be Yvonne. My own confident self that I'm trying to be. 

Count blessing, Be Confident, Be Yourself, Pray Continuously.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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