Monday, June 6

29 - 31 May 2016 Bundu Tuhan Teen Camp

This pretty sums up what I've been doing during my holiday Kaamatan. I went to Bundu Tuhan Chinese Teen Camp 2016 this year. It's been so long since I've went to this camp. I first went to this camp when I was 12 years old. Its been 12 years & still going strong. With its foundation teen are more involved every year. Seeing how they organized & improved each year really shows that they are our future.

First ice breaking session 

Mixing everyone together & introduce themselves.

Speaker for the entire camping.

They still kept their tradition going on!

Morning exercise in the morning!

Small game session!

Drawing mini me!

Treasure Hunt, completing one of their task for the next stop.

Punishment for not completing the task.

Fruitful night at church! I've been crying the whole time when the event started. 

Last day in Bundu Tuhan! Getting ready for group photo! 

With the committee & Father Joshua who selfie! Youngest Priest & coolest that I've known.

I've recorded the creativity of evangelize performed by 10 groups of teen. 
They used their creativity within 30min to showcase their performance. 

Video by Chinese teen group! So amazed.

I grew up with comfort & love from my friends & family. They shower me attention & affection that I couldn't ask for more. But as we grow up & learnt that not all are lucky & fortunate as I am. I've participated this camp as part of leader representative for our church. I've listen & seen few teen in this camp. I've realized that they need help & attention more than anything else. Because they are still growing. They are our future leaders. 

As an adult we were so focus on ourselves that sometimes we neglected those who needs more attention & care that needed. During the last night in the camp we headed to the church for a reflection & silence. As the event started I've already tearing up non stop. Because ALL the things I've reflected & remembered were all the blessing that I've received! I was tearing in happiness but at the same time I teared up for all these kids. 

They slowly open up to themselves & ask for forgiveness (thumbs up to the emotional music as well) It was the best feeling I've received as well, because it shows that they are able to do things through Christ! I just wanna say that I'm grateful & blessed for all my life to have such wonderful life I have right now. It was such unforgettable memories! 

Count your blessing! ❤️

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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