Thursday, June 16

Farewell Dinner 13 June 2016

My most memorable dinner with my brother & sister in Christ! I am definitely the most blessed person ever. They showered me with love & affection that I couldn't ask for more. I was reluctant and felt too troublesome to plan a farewell dinner with them at first. But I'm glad I did so because I have the most fun night with them. We chat, laugh, talk & have lots of fun just spending our night together.

We started off buffet steamboat & enjoy our meal to our heart content then headed to yoyo lintas for second round of the night.

With the girls!

With the boys & Father Paul!

I wanted to hug each and everyone of them but I was shy! Super shy to even give any farewell speech. Being present on that night were much better than anything else. I got to hug few people tho, one of them was him. He was the guy I hugged tightly and most precious to me because I long for him. Yet in the end I realized it was only attention & affection was what I yearn for. I love the way he treats me & all the affection he showered me making me much more special than anyone else. As if we were really madly in love of each other. 

Now that I realized it, I'm not leaving with any hard feelings and uncertainties. I was really happy to be able to spend the time with all of them as much as possible. I think I've even neglected my parents for the past two weeks time. I've been going out so frequently that I barely spend my time with my parents. Now that my aunt is coming back next week its gonna be family day for the entire week until I depart on 28 June. 

I am so excited to fly off soon! Now that my visa & application is ready & completed I can officially go study & enjoy my Aussie life to my heart content. I've imprinted all of them deeply into my heart that I don't felt like I am separated from them at all. 2 years time actually pass by very fast. So its not that heart broken or sad to begin with.

I must learn to be much more independent than I used to be. I must be able to do things by myself and through Christ! Praise the Lord & feeling blessed in every way that guided me through this journey. It is a huge step to move on, moving towards where I could find the dreams & passion that I'm searching for. Even though going for childcare was not in my interest, but I chose this path because this might be one of the way I can see the light that I was looking for. Don't forget to count your blessing no mater how big or small <3

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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