Wednesday, August 5

Cool For The Summer

The weather have been gloomy for the past week. Its cold and windy. I want to snuggle and cuddle all day all night. Its been raining day and night. Its kinda hard to go out during this kind of weather. I haven't been to gym since last Friday but I'm back yesterday. For the amount of 4 days a lot of stuff happened.

It was somehow overwhelming but somehow not. I've always wonder what is it like to be in a relationship. I'm not being skeptical but there are few guys who is really interested in me. I always felt that I don't deserved any of them (some don't deserve to be with me. lol) . First one had a great impact for me. He stirred up my heart so much and it broke me even harder. He still cared for me. We met again on Monday. He always tried to make me talk more and care for me so much. I'm grateful and felt so loved that I really don't want to broke his relationship with his girlfriend. 

I was already a shy person in the first place. Never take initiative, how could I even make a move on him. Even if I have taken his heart I will never be happy. Its like third party interfere. I will never be happy to take him away from his current long girlfriend. I would never separate people's happiness in order to achieve my own happiness. Its too cruel and my future is going to be devastated. So I ended giving up so much earlier when I knew he has a girlfriend.

The second one is definitely OMG. We met at church as well. He was one of the person that I can't go with. First he's a teacher so he preach too much and a preacher as well, second he decided to become a priest after we meet for few months lol. I was like I cannot approach him anymore longer or gave anymore attention to him. I fear that he stop being a priest lol. I'm not sure but especially my instinct is far more accurate than anyone else. He always look so happy when he saw me. His smile was like so big that you could see his apple cheeks even tho he is skinny. HAHA

The third one is triple OMG. Too ugly, short. He knows my current work and he's a relative of my colleague. So there's too much connection and he's ugly as well. Always talk too much about my current work, he just talk to much I wish he could shut up. 

The last one, I'm not sure if its even relevant. We met at gym. HAHAHAHA He's hot and good looking. We only talked once and never more. But when we met at the gym he and I always secretly looking at each other. I have 180 degree eye sight please! HAHA btw I can't wait for the gym's grand opening! Looking forward to meeting more new people that day. 

Oh last thing before I end my blog post. I've decided to get a tattoo! A cross tattoo at the back of my neck and a feather on my wrist! I'll write up my experience when I've got the tattoo! So excited.


Till then,

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