Saturday, August 29


I just got my tattoo two days before my birthday.
I wasn't really sure why I wanted a tattoo.
It was my instinct to get a tattoo I guess. lol
I went to Jesselton Tattoo Shop at Kepayan. 

I wasn't really nervous to start with but as time goes by I get a little bit anxious.
We start thinking of the design as so Luther started to draw. 
At first I was planning to get two tattoo but I decided to just get one first. 
Oh please ignore tiny baby hair at my back it looked disgusting.

Luther then started to adjust the tattoo at my back. 
I was started to have cold sweat the moment I sit down. 
The machine was loud and I became so nervous!
Luckily Carrie was there with me.

It was painful as hell and it started to bleed. The needle were poking hard into my skin.
I'm vibrating as well. HAHA I went all stiff after were done. 
It was just as painful when we fall down and scratches down on the floor.
Its been 2 weeks already so its all healed. Dried and dead skin all pealed off.
I just need to get a photo shoot session for myself lol

Til then,
Cheers & God Bless

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