Sunday, February 15

Seoul Day 1

Super over due post! I went to Korea Seoul last year on June 2014.
I may sound cliche but its my first time travel alone to KL.
I wish to travel alone more! I find it thrilling & exciting.

Stay over at my uncle's house for a night.
And meet up with my Aunt & Grandma
I went to KL a day early before I fly to Seoul the next day.

Incheon International Airport is HUGE!
It was the starting of summer. I went with my Aunt & grandma on this trip.
We practically spent our day on flight. 
Arrived to Incheon International Airport around 3pm
Headed to our hotel right away. It was about an hour tour bus.

Travel bus 6015 to Chungmuro our destination to our hotel nearby

Always find their convenient store fascinated.
Lots of variety! I must say Korean love coffee a lot.

We are kinda lost when we first arrive to the location nearby the hotel.
We could find our hotel first but luckily there's local who guide and send us to our hotel
Super grateful to them! Nonetheless we settle down with check in and our luggage.

Had a quick shared dinner of ginseng chicken stew for the 1st time.

Then we walked around our hotel and head to underground station.
We headed to Myeongdong for shopping.

I'm totally excited. Full of hipster young people. Lots of tourist I must say.
It was awesome! I managed to shop few stuff there. 
Everything is on sales! Great timing!

Looking around having some snack along.

Grab some vanilla honey ice cream along way.

Eating all the way down.

We just went into the restaurant since there's quite a lot of people.
And we had our last meal in the middle of the night.
Stir fried rice. 

Grandma in action! haha

A big pot & portion for 2 people.

I literally spend my night in awe disbelief.
Finding myself in the middle of foreign country.
Too much awesomeness.

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