Wednesday, May 23

He ended our relationship

Still remember I talked about THE TINDER GUY ??? We broke up, more like he dumped me for no reason. At first we started so casually I knew we would definitely end our relationship, it's just that I didn't think it was that quick. We only dated for two weeks. When he dumped me I didn't cry at all just sadden that we didn't even go for long enough. 

To be honest it was the best thing he dumped me. I got over him very fast, because I only poured 30% of my effort and he backed off that quick. He can't even able to handle my clingy and emotional problem but already got scared. I knew he wasn't the one when he was a divorced man with two kids. Having two kids is not the problem but his mentality & ways of handling. He has no intention of having a serious relationship, but since I showed him that I wanted to have it serious he just let it go. 

Its a good thing. He was only a strangers to me now. He blocked me off directly from all social media and my number as well. Its a good thing to be honest. I get over him so much quicker and move on. I'm able and freely to chat with other people and become friends, I don't have to think about anything serious now. Go with the flow and let it be. 

I'm having my best time of myself. Family coming to Aussie for holiday, work as much as possible and quickly finish my study at the end of June. Focusing on what I'm suppose to do then I can do what ever I want. Go travel, have fun and met more new friends. Also always be thankful with everything I have.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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