Friday, May 11

The Tinder Guy

Sorry for the long hiatus for whole April till now. It was one of those days where my life is full of adventure. Not really but kinda exciting as well. I've been chatting with one of few guys in tinder but one kept the conversation pretty good. Then we stopped chatting for weeks when I left for my holiday in Sydney & Melbourne. Few days before returning to Perth I texted him again. Our conversation leads to us meeting in real life. It was unreal to be honest. I was pretty excited to meet him in real life. 

Fast forward to meeting days. We had a long walk at the beach. There was a concert during the day we met up. We had a short talk, because I'm being shy & awkward as usual. He was good enough to accompanied me till I went to the concert since he doesn't want to join. He gave me the cutest hug and kisses on my forehead. 

The next few days, I wasn't feeling good due to weather changed. I messaged him about my where about & home address. He came to my place we started hugging & kissing so passionately. Also I noticed there's a condom in his pocket. Luckily my family was in the house. Our progress went on quite quick to be honest. That was the night we ended up being in a relationship naturally. 

Occasionally I texted him to see how he was going & made few plans with him. It was all good. Not till this week. I started staying over at his place few times. But I felt so empty. I went on and on asking advise relationship from my experienced friends. This relationship was a gamble. I felt that both of us lust for companion & relationship. It was nothing out of ordinary, just pure lusting over each other. 

I was expecting to be honest. In the end I knew that we couldn't last long. I am going with the flow onward, nothing to be expected.  This is the gamble I signed up for. Lets see how the game turns out.

Till then,
God Bless us.

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