Wednesday, November 1

270817 Araluen Botanic Garden

Our main purpose for these trip was to go for tulip garden. Every year at these time the flowers bloom beautifully. So we took this trip to another level! Photo shoot session to its maximum. We went there early in the morning to actually visit a strawberry farm at another place but we got into the wrong location, so we head back to Araluen Botanic Garden instead. 

Not a coffee person but why not just for a photo 😏😏😏

When we reached there it was full of people and cars were everywhere. People were looking for car spot. Luckily we parked near bit to the park but all of us were in a verged to burst our bladders. Especially me, I went straight to the toilet unbearable. We walked through the forest before we reached to the tulip garden. The scenery was amazing we took few shot in the forest while waiting for Nicole and Justin to arrive.

The weather was pretty hot when it reached noon but the wind was cool enough. Luckily I brought my hat on that day to avoid sunburn.

Girls group photo!

We kinda chill throughout the day and took as much photo as possible. 
We had a relax day, soaking some sunshine.

Getting some awesome food from the stall there.

While Nicole and Justin went to buy a cake for Sam's surprise birthday, we tried to wait and stall some time so she can bring the cake to the restaurant first. So while we were waiting we took few more awesome picture with less people around us. 

We had Lebanese buffet dinner that night. It was our first time had such amazing and scrumptious dinner. We definitely stuffed a lot of food that night. After buffet we had Birthday cake. Definitely a full on course. Also I wasn't buying with the owners joke at that time. It seriously upset me the way he acted when I politely asked him to put back the cake into the box. Even tho it was a joke it kinda hurt my feelings, the way he react feels like he put on his frustration onto me. Definitely a bad impression for me. Anyway we separate our ways home with Nicole and Justin. Head back to our apartment for a rest and ends our night with a good sleep.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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