Monday, September 11

030617 Nadeem's Birthday Surprise

The week before Nadeem's Birthday Nurool already told us to help her to surprise Nadeem.
Nicole made delicious cheesecake again for Nadeem!

The surprise ended pretty good. He thought that we were having another gathering dinner but turns out it was a surprise! Because his real birthday was the next day but surprised him earlier.

After the surprise we started our scrumptious dinner together. Having our best meal with a glass of white wine! Definitely a great night. Then we start our photo taking session with the decoration we made for the purpose of instagram 😂😂😂

Knowing that Nurool has a insta camera I immediately bought few polaroid film and use this opportunity to utilize the props for the picture!

Loving the simple but detailed decoration Nurool prepared! 100% effort! We all had a great night and another awesome night to be remembered! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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