Wednesday, December 7

6th Month in Geraldton

Today marks my end of term for my Cert 3.✌ I have finally completed my Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care. This is a great day to celebrate. There's no need to celebrate actually. I just wanna work and earn some money for my short trip to Perth and my cousin's graduation in UK. So much of travelling makes me so happy. Best part is always earning money, seeing my bank filled with income I've earned. 💰💰💰 So happy! The worst part is I need to pay tuition fee for 2017 first semester by this week. 😢 At least I've earn some pocket money for my short trip to Perth. Still need to save up for 2nd semester 2017 and UK trip 😒 Work hard play hard 😏

I've been here for 6 months now. Its been lots of ups and down with family going on. Family wise, not good. I'm in awkward position to meddle with such happening. That is why I decided not to stay here during my work holiday. Might as well go travel and meet up with my friends. I haven't explore or visit much during my stay here. It was mostly study and work. So I will enjoy my short trip that I would much have. 

Work wise, partly good and partly bad. Good part is I got another more rewarding waitress job. Long hours and more pay hours. The bad part was, I can't reject the Chinese restaurant that I'm working on.  It will be unfaithful the person who introduced to me. Cause the way to repay is to continue to work with them despite less hours and less pay hours given. I'm in dilemma in this situation. There are a lot of factors as well besides above. 😒 Oh well I need to come up a lot of freaking excuses so I can set my time properly with both side. Not to mention, I hope to get morning shift for my childcare center as well. More income 😅😅 All about 💰💰

Relationship wise, not progressing at all. 😅 I was flirting (past tense now) and/or still trying my best to talk with the guys but my guts are like shit.💩 I have no guts and confidence to talk with guys. I always hate this part of me. I was really determine to chase this guy in my workplace but I was like 'not a good timing' (every fucking time 😑) Oh well might as well just single forever the rest of my life. HAHAHA 

I can't wait to have some fun and relax at the end of year! Celebrate the joyous day and the coming of new year. Lots of adventure and journey to overcome. All will be smooth sailing, full of laughter and happiness. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless!

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