Friday, July 8

Adapting new environment

To tell you the truth I haven't miss home once. Yet. HAHA I really enjoy here without hearing nagging and all sorts of discourage words. Its not that I don't like my parents or anything I just want a peaceful mind. I hate it when people pushes me, I felt annoyed. But here I felt so relax and calm. I get to do and enjoy my time here. 

I do miss my friends though and food T.T Even though its all good here I felt so boring sometimes since I haven't made friends. Haven't start school or even get a decent casual work here. It takes time for me. I'm a good listener but not talking. I can answer your question but not questioning or slip into a conversation. Anyway I do went out and enjoy the view & food here. 

Fish & Chip, Fried Salted Chili Squid. SO GOOD!

Tons of jars of Jam & Pickle!

There's two Muslim stall here in the market! They have rendang as well, so glad to see few Muslim food here in Geraldton. Every Sunday there will be a market and stalls selling food and fresh product. There is another market on Saturday but in different suburb. Aunt and I decided to open a stall as well to sell off some fruits and vegetables and also open a sand art for children! So exciting!

HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Went to this Aunt's house twice, she's from China. She's the funniest and friendliest one I must say. She has a small vegetable and chicken farm at her backyard. Making dumpling soup! She made the best sauce ever that compliments so well with the dumplings.

My typical breakfast. Bread all day errdayy!

Currently my favorite brand for chips!

Made Marmalade jam! 20 bottles of them small and big.

Haven't able to go to church yet. The Cathedral is under renovation and open on August. So maybe after that I will go there when it is done with renovation. I am currently waiting for my school's orientation day and call from job. Need to get a decent casual work here so I can at least reduce my school fees burden. Recently I have been visiting few of my Aunt and Uncle's friends for dinner or lunch. It was nice. Anyway I just hope that everything is fine here and able to built up my confidence and try to talk more. HAHA

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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