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Japan Trip w/ Family

Hi guys! Its been awhile. I just got back from my family trip to Osaka, Japan. Its our 3rd family trip together this time. A complete one :D I was really excited to travel since I've prepared for this moment to come for such long time. It was one hell of a planning. I have to thank google map, internet & technology. HAHAHA It took me months of planning and when the day comes it just passed by so fucking fast. I need more of Japan air. 

Too my surprise, a lot of people went to Japan this year. I mean like a lot. Few days before we fly off lots of people started posting picture of cherry blossom & their picture in Japan! It makes us even more excited! Especially my mom. When we bought our flight ticket last year my mom was like I don't care if I can see cherry blossom or not. We will just enjoy our family trip together. But when our trip approaches she was a bit disappointed as the flowers started to witter. 

We first flew to Osaka at Kansai International Airport, then took train to Nagoya! Our first destination was Nagoya then a long to Kyoto then lastly in Osaka. It was a really long ride of train to Nagoya tho. We slept throughout the train practically. Our butts hurt like shit, airplane + train for almost 20hours. It was a long ride but all worth it! We arrived to the best place in Nagoya! Spacious enough for us and super generous host!

We only went to sight seeing the second day as we were really tired from all the travelling. First day was always tiring! Second day was the best day in Nagoya! We went to Nagoya Castle. It was worth the walk and exploring the castle. A type of cherry tree blossom beautifully at the Castle's park! It was gorgeous and the scenery was amazing. Bro & I had so much fun time taking lots of picture. 

All the scenery is worth a picture. Oh I look much more slimmer the first few days and I got chubbier the few last day in Osaka! I blame all the FOOD. I look super gorgeous and I can confidently says that I'm beautiful without showing my face HAHA We only stayed Nagoya for 3 days 2 night so we didn't really explore much in Nagoya. Too little time to explore! I missed out Toyota Museum & Planetarium! Can't blame anyone cause my dad & mom was really tired and I hadn't had my exercise for so long. So it was really tiring walking for whole day. 

So the third day we already headed to Kyoto for our next destination. On our way to our apartment we discovered that the area we were staying was load with restaurant! We were stoked! I've been eyeing on the new beverage Melon cantaloupe at Starbucks at few places but I decided to get it while we were finding our apartment. It taste really good, vanilla flavor mix with pudding and melon. Bliss. We never get to try out conveyor belt sushi nearby our apartment as it closes quite early.

But fret not! With a little bit of google search I found Aeon Mall! IT WAS HEAVEN! It was only few blocks away from our apartment. The location for our stay was the best of the best in Kyoto. Easy access to bus station and lots of restaurant available. Although our apartment was so much smaller for 4 people to squeeze in, it was still the best when it come to gourmet. We even had MCD for breakfast as we were early to our Kyoto adventure on fourth day. Cause most restaurant in Japan open at 11am weird.

Anyway on our fourth day we headed to Yakasa Shrine which was next to Maruyama Park. That day was the best day in Japan because a lot of couple were having a wedding ceremony on that day. We were lucky enough to catch few couples at the shrine. I wonder if its a couple shrine to begin with. Oh I did some small offering at one of the gates in the shrine. I think it was for love since there's a wooden love blocks hanging besides the gates. I didn't wish for anything tho I just gave offering and followed gesture that some people did. HAHA

There's tons of shrine nearby and it was packed with tourist and people since it was Saturday. A lot of people I must say. I mean A LOT! We then headed to nearby market since its gonna take even longer time if we visited another shrine nearby. Daddy was tired but I had fun again with bro taking lotsa scenery picture. We laugh a lot cause I was posing ridiculously.

On our last night in Kyoto mom and I headed to Aeon Mall again. So we could by some stuff to Osaka. I saw Lush Cosmetic and I couldn't resist and bought lush bath bomb! It was such expensive bath bombs but luckily my home doesn't have bath tub so its unnecessary to bought it back home. I bought two bath bomb & tried it while I was in Japan since most Japan house or apartment have bath tub. I'd be broke AF if our home has bath tub. 

Had our lunch nearby our house at Osaka! We finally arrived at Osaka on Sunday afternoon. To tell you the truth we were really lucky to arrived at Osaka house on Sunday because there's people at home. If we arrive Osaka on Monday we were probably really frustrated BECAUSE NO ONE WILL BE AT HOME THEY ALL GONE TO WORK. We couldn't contact the host since we don't have WiFi. The host was really late in replying my message. The other guest house let us in and I managed to get in touch with the host after getting the connection. The host relocate the keys without prior notice. -.-

Anyway since we arrived earlier to Osaka we headed to Kuromon Market. It was heaven for us. Even tho we were really tired and full from eating but we still continue to eat non stop at the market! We manage to eat till we drop that day. It was one of the day where we eat every stall food they were selling. 

And I thought we had to go to Kobe to eat Kobe beef but this market sells it! We save time and indulge with such delicacies! We all love the juicy beef!!!!! BEST KOBE BEEF EVER! It cost us RM120 for the piece of meat above! EAT WHEN IN JAPAN DON'T REGRET NOT SPENDING MONEY ON FOOD!

Then I swear I must find Coco Curry House when we arrived at Kuromon Market because it was on my itinerary list. I was really full after eating non stop for almost all the best stall at the market but I just couldn't resist not to make the last stop for Coco Curry! At first my family complained & gave up but I didn't! I insist tho. HAHA They were speechless when they finally tasted Coco Curry!!! I shut you guys with food! HAHAHAHA

You guys can see my face was really round and bloated. It was all from the food I ate for the past few days. On Sixth day we headed to Osaka aquarium since it wouldn't be so crowded on weekdays. Upon arrival we were freezing like crazy. The aquarium was beside the sea so when the wind blows into our direction we freeze up kinda badly. The weather was gloomy as well so its one of the coldest day. 

Compared to Korea's one I've been to, Osaka has the best & biggest aquarium ever. It was 11th floor tall aquarium. We were amazed and managed to stay there for almost 3 hours in the aquarium. Definitely mesmerize by the beauty of the sea creature. 

At the end of the aquarium we get to experience & touch stingray. It was cold and slimy at the first touch but eventually getting addicted wanting to touch it even more. Because we had such long day at the Aquarium we don't even bother to went to the next places on our itinerary. 

Tuesday which means the 7th day in Osaka! We woke up really early this time. We headed to Osaka fish market early and it was our first experience in rush hour morning at the subway. We were packed sardine for the rest of the subway journey. But HEY WE MADE IT TO ENDO SUSHI! BEST SUSHI & FRESH EVER! Even though we went there early we kinda got lost in the direction. When we arrived to the restaurant we still have to wait for 30 minutes till our turn to eat. It was really a small shop so it doesn't fit much people. It requires a long queue if you guys arrive late. 

So we head back to our house and rest! Yup we went to out in the morning just for Endo Sushi! Best sushi EVER! And kinda take our time and nap few hours before we head out to Dotombori! Yup we went for shopping and had our expensive Kobe beef dinner again. But it was not as delicious as Kuromon Market! It was a bit over price in Dotombori, everywhere was over price since it was really touristy all the way to Shinsaibashi. 

I never really take this in mind since I thought Uncle Rikuro Cheesecake was located somewhere else. BUT WE FOUND IT! I saw it on YouTube last year when they compared Rikuro's and Pablo. I was really looking forward to Pablo instead. But we stumble upon Rikuro and gave it a go! IT WAS THE FLUFFIEST CHEESECAKE I'VE TASTED! It doesn't consider as cheesecake since it was such in a light texture to began with. More into egg custard kinda taste. My mom love the apple pie. I'm not impressed tho. I like MCD apple pie better. HAHA

AND ONE DOES NOT SAY NO TO PABLO CHEESECAKE! Best & creamiest cheesecake! It should be eaten while its fresh from oven. But we were shopping that night so it wasn't the right time to eat the cake. Even tho it was overnight it still taste as delicious as ever! The cake only lasted for 6 hours and 2 days if refrigerated. Fresh and no preservation!

So we had to went back to our house since my dad and mom were really tired. Bro and I shopped a lot while we were there so it took us pretty much time. Japan fashion is amazing and amusing! Oh we even saw host, I mean the real host club. Those guys were standing there waiting and seducing female customer. LOL I'm in a curiosity mindset. I want to go talk with them but I heard its really dangerous. Oh well I'll just read my manga! HAHA 

Last day of our trip! We had original Ippudo Ramen for brunch, one of my must eat places! It was delicious! How can Japan people make delicious gourmet? We were all speechless for the amount of effort they put into making such simple ramen!?

Since it was our last day we headed to Momofuku Ando Ramen Museum. It was a small Museum but to be able to see so many display of ramen really amazed me. We had the chance to choose flavor & toppings for our ramen & air packed ourselves. We haven't tried it on yet even when we brought back to KK. Might as well try it when I'm in desperate situation HAHA Hope it won't expired by then. LOL

OUR FIRST FAMILY PHOTO HAHAHAHA It happened when we were dining at okonomiyaki restaurant. The owner aka chef offered to take picture of us. It was the only perfect family photo on the last night. We ate our dinner on the last night after our second round at Kuromon Market again. We couldn't resist the Kobe beef and so we ate a lot at Kuromon market after our trip from Ramen Museum. We just eat all the way. And I came back home heavier 3kg. It was all Japan's good fatness.

It was regrettable that we weren't able to visit as much place. Since my dad's just got recovered from his injury not long ago. He did great job and made fast progress and healing much faster than we expected. We do had arguments throughout the trips but that's how we bond. We enjoy and have fun as a family! I would definitely go back to Japan and explore other places as well! I left part of my heart in Japan! I will be back again Japan much Love from us!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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