Sunday, January 10

New Year New Resolution

I mean its January 2016 babe!!!! I haven't blog or did any for such a long time. Things get quite pretty hectic lately. Too much shocking event going on right now. If I were to give details it gonna probably took me a long time. 

December 2015 was quite eventful for me. Join caroling for the last time. Yeah I was saying the last time is because this year 2016 I'm going to be somewhere else celebrating. Just wanna give you guys a small glimpse of the plans for 2016. I'm going back to studies. Yup studies man! I got way too fed up with working right now. 

Stress has been accumulated in me and I'm getting pretty over stress, health are getting worst than ever. I've been visiting doctor quite frequently on Dec 2015. My health's been declining rapidly. I resigned my job and going to end on March 2016 but the company I'm working isn't doing well. So they terminate me earlier, Jan 2016 to be precise. So I cannot wait my miserable working life to end. Its not even my company but I've been stressing all over it the amount of work is just loaded as fuck. Less than 20 more fucking days. 20 more. 

Let me at least rest more than that.  I need to replenish my energy after my resignation. Get ready for CNY, get ready for classes, getting ready for a new start. My brain have been moving back lately and way too negative. Its like I'm not moving forward. Pushing me back so hard when everything is moving forward.

Good news is my Dad is getting so much better. He's been driving and started to go back to work few times. But we did pushes him not to over work since he's only been doing good lately. Sometimes my dad just rushes everything. Stubborn I must say. I inherited that -.- 

Anyway the plan is just go with the flow right now. I really don't want to rush everything. Cause I haven't have the time to really relax. I'm really glad my employment ended earlier. If not I'm probably stressing out so much. Probably gonna delay my studies as well. I need to get my health's back to normal before I'm ready to go studies. I need time to calm myself properly.

Start new & fresh!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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