Sunday, November 8

Back to Reality

Hi guys I'm back with short updates! I am definitely or totally forgot the existence of this blog. I just got back from my Taiwan trip 5 days ago. It was the best trip I must say. People said once you go on a trip with your best friend you'll know part of their true color. I must say its real. Everyone has their true colors hidden within themselves. I'm one with the old fashion personality that take things quite cautiously. I don't do things that harms myself or feel disgusted. And I did all these stuff while I was on the trip. We went to club and the rest is history! HAHA

It was jam packed cause its Halloween night and fall on Saturday night. Got into the wrong queue, cut lines, ordered drinks, looking for good looking prey, on the dance floor all night after half drunk, get pick up by few mystery man, went back to hostel at 4am in the morning feeling all wasted yet awake at the same time, totally sober up. Irony of life. It was one hell of a night and its really tiring but so much fun compared to KK.   

We got lost quite a lot while we were in Taiwan cause we can't really differentiates their buildings. Everything looked just the same everywhere. Not to mention their traffic was horrid! Totally opposite and weird direction compared to ours! Got into the right bus but to the wrong route on the 1st day in Taichung, Get cheated by the greedy Taxi driver on the 3rd day when he drove us until Taipei. 

Can't remember our hostel on the 5th day cause we took the wrong route thinking it was correct. It was a gay parade on the 5th day & that's how we got lost on our way back that day. HAHAHA Last day was a total havoc. We were packing and laughing so hard. Cause there's too much stuff they bought. All go through smoothly when we checked in our luggage tho.

Upon arrival reality strikes pretty hard. But I'm glad I went to this trip at these time to release the stress. All my stress I build up the week before I fly was way too much. Anxiety strikes pretty hard. And I still have a pretty hard time get over it. I was so stress that makes me so hard to breathe and now I'm scared to drive alone. Oh God, Please help me.

Less than 50 days till Christmas btw! Excited!

Till then,
Cheer & God Bless all!

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