Saturday, December 13

UMS 16th Tamu Gadang

Its our first risk of the year.
It was a failed respond of the year. 
Not only the location for the event was stranded away from people
we were cheated by the student council as well.
We originally booked & PAID for 72G but then we were not informed 
that our booth were changed and moved to 48G.
Worst encounter ever. We even pleased and asked for our booth back.
Luckily the policemen were kind enough to spare back our originated booth 72G 
We were relaxed at the booth but then we were frustrated as well.
Because it didn't turn well in the end.
For 3 days we only got 4 customer for graduation shooting.
So we were kinda sick and tired and heat strike at us too much.
We kinda went crazy for awhile for the rest of the day.

Oh I manage to make new friends as well. 
It was awesome. hahaha we laugh so much and meeting up
with my high schoolmate while she was working part time there.

The lovebird!

Her boyfriend is part of the band. They were awesome!
Art & music student are exceptionally awesome. 

Anyway everything was just part of learning.
Experience we've learned through this risk and mistake we've made.
We still have a long way to go. 

Till then,
Cheer & God Bless.

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