Saturday, November 29

A little break

Sorry guys I've been awhile for way too long. Its been really a hectic month for me. Not to mention Christmas is coming as well. As usual I just got back from my holiday in Busan Korea. I could just practically live there anyway. lol Its so much fun in Korea. Cause the food is so good and no one knows who I am. haha 

After I've got back from Korea its even stressful for me. Because we've been preparing for UMS graduation shooting for 1 month. Once I'm back I went for a photo shooting spree for 3 freaking days. Not to mention we had the worst experience ever occurred (will talk that into another post) I even got allergic reaction for being under the sun (heat) for too long with sweats.

Oh and I finally found a guy that messed my emotion up. I couldn't forget him yet couldn't get a grasp of him. As if we don't have fate. I tried to meet him in a various way but things didn't turn out that way. There's always things that prevent us to meet each other. I wonder why!? 

December in 1 more day. I couldn't catch up everything. Its moving way too fast right now. So little time yet so much work to do. My day is not enough. I need longer time, longer time to think thoroughly. Caroling is around the corner. Christmas is approaching. Catching up with my photography. Work is okay as for now but the amount of work doesn't seems to decrease at all. My church friend is getting married. I'm going to attend my colleagues wedding tomorrow. 

I felt like I'm a little stuck in the past. I always wanted to stay like we used to. Because that's how I'm comfortable with. But I'm not moving forward. Now that things are moving forward so quickly it scares me a lot. Because I can't move forward being an adult it scares me so much. I long to have a relationship but I'm afraid, because I don't want to move on where I have to get married and settle down. I want to move forward alone yet wants a person to accompany me the rest of my life. I'm a selfish human. That's why I need a little break from reality cause its scary. I still have the means of running away from reality anytime anywhere.

Till then,
God Bless.

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