Thursday, October 16

Work + Life

I don't know how to feel lately. I felt like I'm in a dreamland yet my body is in reality. Its in separate life. You know, mind and body is separating apart kinda feeling. I work too hard apparently. SAID NO ONE EVER. LOL I find myself worked up too hard.  I've been working since July till now, it was really the best place to work at. I have the best supervisor ever. She's like my sister lol. Not really. Since I've barely even work for 3 months I've made a lot of mistake. Like really a lot. But luckily my supervisor is really patient and nice with me. I don't have any conflict or anything during work. Just careless mistake. 

Its been like these since I've start working. Even tho its really productive but I can't seems to concentrate or be detail enough. You know being in account department was really tough when I'm the one who handle it alone with my supervisor. Its like super easy to lose concentration especially when the workload suddenly increase or the bosses is in weird period for demanding documents. Its been stressful days as well but I don't hate. Maybe because I'm busy it kept me occupied so I don't have time to slack of being unproductive. Now that I don't hate working but it doesn't mean I still like work as account. So yeah.....

I'm still preoccupied with my passion as a photography. I'm still learning. I have a thousand miles to go. I've tried all sort of shoot like weddings and portraits. For wedding shoot I still have a long way to go. My most favorite shoot is still on portraits. You know, the intense stares, the laugh, the sad, the lonely, the happy, the emotional, ones are so easy to see through in portraits shot yet it portray different meaning to it. I just hope my passion become my real life time work! Working hard right now!

Not to mention I'm going to fly to KOREA again next month! Less than a month from now! Super freaking excited man. Oh how I miss Korea! The food, the air, the people, the underground station lol. I can't wait for a sweet escape! My life have been so amazing! Filled with work and excitement in the same time. Feeling so blessed in so many ways. Thank God for everything. I think I felt the most blessed ones. No joke. Going through ups and down from mentality and physically alone is tough. I'm blessed, so blessed. Always go for positive way! Hwaiting!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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