Tuesday, March 11

Rice Spring Roll

Food adventure time! 

1. Glass noodle

2. Prawn, Crab meat, Coriander 

3. Fried egg, Heinz pickle 

4. Carrot, Cucumber, Capsicum 

5. Sweet & sour sauce

6. Rice paper

7. Roll roll roll your rice paper! 

1. Glass noodle - boil the glass noodle and add a little bit of oyster sauce to make it more favorable
2. Prawn, Crab meat, Coriander - Boil/ steam the prawn & crab meat, chop the coriander for around 10cm
3. Fried egg, Heinz pickle - Fried egg and ready some pickle to enhance the taste
4. Carrot, Cucumber, Capsicum - Cut & boil the carrot, Cucumber & Capsicum can be eaten raw
5. Sweet & sour sauce - Add Thai sauce & any red wine & oyster sauce
6. Rice paper - Use hot boil water, pour it into the rice paper. The rice paper will will turn transparent and soft. 
7. Lastly, put all the ingredient that you've wanted into the rice paper then roll roll roll roll roll.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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