Monday, March 24


It was such a shock to hear the news saying that MH370 has crashed into Southern Indian Ocean when Malaysia PM announced it at 10pm today. I'm speechless. At first, it really impacts me and felt reluctant to write any post about this incident because there's so much curiosity in this matter. That we don't even know who to trust or to believe especially in Malaysia's media. There are so many answer to be told. That's why I never wanted to write any post about this incident and in same time it breaks my heart. There are so many speculation about how Malaysia handle the mission to search for MH370 either in form of blaming opposition leader's fault or to keep secret from everyone of us. 

I will never believe that they were gone. I'm still putting hope and pray that all of them will survive. Because we never saw or seen any evidence of the image from the crash. Without any evidence I still consider them alive. They will be safe. I refuse to believe that they are gone. 

Moreover I heard that my uncle's GF's colleague was on that flight. When I heard about it I Thank God that my uncle's GF was not in that flight, but in the same time I felt sad and worried about them, because they are also part of people that my uncle & her GF knew. So unexpected. 

I think I'm having a little bit of traumatic when it comes to plane right now. When the times comes it will come. We will never know when will we be the one who is gone. Everything is in Gods hand. Cherish every moment and live our life to the fullest without regret. 

Til then,
God Bless everyone! 

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