Wednesday, November 20


Okay guys. Its really rare to post something alphabetic here instead of picture with post. I still hadn't had the time or mood to do a proper post. So I might as well just update a little bit of what I've been doing.

1st of all I'm participating caroling!!! Hurray!!! Its been awhile since I've join any church youth activity. I feel great and awesome actually. And the feeling was very different from previous years. Its been 6 years since the caroling had been stopped. 

You guys would be curious why we stopped caroling. Its because when we visit houses to houses we're suppose to sang Christmas song right? But actually we were not allowed to sang Christmas song, we should sang song that tells people Jesus is going to born on 25th Dec. That's how it supposed to be. So we stopped 6 years of caroling. This year the church decided to go for caroling, but of course no Christmas song by the way.

2nd, the feelings when I went to practice for the 1st time. It is so adorable and annoying as well. There are a lot of cute kids, they are so adorable and lovely. But kids will be forever kids so they were kinda annoying when the leader is trying to talk and some were talking. Very different from the time when I started caroling for the first time. Maybe because I'm adult now and I'm encountering kids, I have to be more cautious and show a better example to them. Being an adult wasn't that fun and easy.  

3rd, all the song are kinda high note for me. Church song is always high note. Gonna practice more hahaha I hope I can try to play and learn guitar! I want to learn!!! 

4th, so I'm adding another part of my 2013 memory. This year is the best year actually, despite decision making problem. I am so blessed and happy! 

Count down to less than 1 month till XMAS! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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