Thursday, October 17

Chef Tan's Coffee.Food.Home

Super long overdue post here! My apologies! 
Fret not lets just dig in with the topic here lol
Anyway it was on the Mooncake festival day where bunch of Aunties decided to went out for dinner.
Which includes me but I'm not Aunty please. 
We decided to go to Chef Tan's restaurant located at The Peak Vista KK

A little glimpse of the menu above. 
Most of the menu were homemade dishes and can be seen at any restaurant.
Just a normal or typical restaurant that serve these kind of food.

Lets talk about food instead!
I ordered Black pepper lamb chop
Its not that good but its not bad either but I don't hate it.
 Average I could say.

These bunch of Aunties order lots more
Pork Chop
Sweet & Sour fish
Nyonya Fish
Herbal Chicken
Butter prawn

Then after finished our food we couldn't help but to order more :P
We ordered Seafood Watan Ho
I like this the best cause the seafood is huge and a lot!
Taste is at average as well.

Fish Sauce Fried Vermicelli not bad actually.

We ordered shrimp wonton and spring rolls.
Not really that good. 

Okay these jelly mooncake we brought it ourselves since it was mooncake festival that night.

Last but not least dessert for the last!
Cheese Cream Walnut Carrot Cake!
This is the best carrot cake I've tried. 
I usually hate carrot cake cause the smell and taste.
This one is totally different, 
maybe because the cheese cream almost cover up the taste of the carrot so I like it!
Do tried it out anyway!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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